I Will Not Look Like Them

by Will Thomas

Released 1997
Stone Lumber Music
Released 1997
Stone Lumber Music
"Great Southern Rock in its traditional form." --Bobby Whitlock/Derek & the Dominos ******** "Will Thomas is the Real Deal." --Chuck Leavell/Allman Bros, Rolling Stones
Recorded in an 1820s North Alabama farmhouse surrounded by hound dogs and cotton fields. First studio album, 1997.

Featuring Wayne Perkins (Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Lynyrd Skynyrd albums) on guitar, I Will Not Look Like Them explores the mixture of styles Will calls Alabama Music: blues, country, Southern Rock, R&B and folk.

An Eddie Hinton cover rounds out the collection.

"Will Thomas is the Real Deal..." --Chuck Leavell/Allman Bros., Rolling Stones

"Great Southern rock and roll in its traditional form."--Bobby Whitlock/Derek & the Dominos

"...with young artists like Will Thomas recording, there's no doubt whatsoever that the stars do indeed continue to fall on Alabama to this very day."--Goldmine Magazine, March 2001

"When a CD can be opened to any cut on the disc and each song sounds fresh and lively, there's a reason to look hard and listen clearly. This set is a winner." --Gritz Magazine, October 2000

"an album at the crossroads of singer/song writer, southern rock and R&B...Thomas sings in an impassioned gritty fashion..."--Rhythms Magazine Australia, November 2000